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Home Business Roaming in the metrorail, long queues for tickets

Roaming in the metrorail, long queues for tickets

by endroar
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Mohiuddin Sajib, a metro worker on duty at the exit of Uttara Uttar station, said that the pressure of people is three times more. Sweat was dripping down his forehead as he spoke. The whole body was wet with sweat. He said that this situation happened while dealing with the pressure of people.

Diabari is a short distance from the metro rail station. You can go there by walking or by rickshaw. Diabari is a favorite place for many metro rail passengers. Going there, it can be seen that someone is going around the lake in a boat. Many are spending time with their relatives, some are going to the makeshift market in the area and buying various products.

From there for a while, back to Uttara Uttar station again, this time journey to Motijheel. After getting off the passengers from Uttara North and Uttara Centre, it is seen that there is no more space in the coaches of Metrorail.


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