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Rice 'surplus', yet rising prices

by endroar

Secretary of the Ministry of Food. Ismail Hossain told Prothom Alo that there is no shortage of rice in the market. And in April Boro paddy will rise. Even then, suddenly the price of rice has gone up a bit. Imports have been given an opportunity to ensure that the prices do not increase in the next one month. This decision has been taken as a pre-emptive measure in case someone cannot increase the price of rice by stockpiling.

According to the government agency TCB, a kg of coarse rice in the market has increased by Tk 2 to Tk 52 in the last one week. And narrow rice is being sold at 65 to 73 taka, increased by three taka. However, it has been seen that the price of such rice is being sold at a higher price in the market.

On Wednesday, Rampura and Malibagh markets of the capital were visited, and coarse rice (Golden and China Iri) which was Tk 50-51 a kg two weeks ago is now Tk 52-53. Medium quality rice (pajam and BR-28) has increased from Tk 55-56 to Tk 57-60 per kg. In two weeks, the price of medium quality rice has increased the most in the market. The price of medium quality rice has increased by Tk 2 to Tk 4 per kg.

And the price of narrow rice like Miniket and Nazirshail has increased from Tk 62-78 to Tk 64-80 per kg. There are different types of Nazirshail rice in the market. However, they are being sold at higher prices depending on the quality.

Miniket and basmati rice have increased by Tk 2 per kg in the wholesale market in Kushtia Khajanagar, one of the biggest markets in the country. The price of BR-28 rice remains unchanged.

HR Khan Pathan, general secretary of Bangladesh Auto, Husking, Major Rice Coal Owners Association told Prothom Alo that other initiatives could have been taken to control the price of rice, apart from putting pressure on the owners of rice and giving them the opportunity to import rice. A decision should have been made after checking whether rice is stocked with the big rice traders and at the location.


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