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RG BUET students to PM for campus free of student politics

by endroar

Student politics was banned on the campus in October 2019 after BUET student Abrar Fahad was killed by BCL leaders and activists. After the decision of the court on Monday yesterday, student politics is going to start again in this campus. In such a context, the students held a press conference yesterday evening and asked the teachers along with the vice-chancellor to take initiative to stop student politics in BUET. They made the same request to the Prime Minister in a press conference this evening.

Five students of BUET read the open letter at the press conference The letter addressed to the Prime Minister said, 'We do not understand the violence of the politics of terror; We only know how to love the country and its people. We are determined to prove it by our own work. Dear Prime Minister, you are the guardian of all of us, the guardian of the country. We know that when there is a sad situation somewhere in the country, when there is a crisis somewhere, your heart bleeds deeply.' The letter says, 'In the past years we have witnessed the negative aspects of power in the name of student politics on the BUET campus. It is through student politics that incidents like domination, violence, ragging, insulting teachers, extortion, student oppression and murder have started. Incidents of murder also happened.'


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