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Reshmi Jilapi and 'Nana Halim' at Iftar in Khulna

by endroar

It was not common to buy food from outside. Everyone in the family used to sit together and have Iftar with what was prepared at home. A relationship of camaraderie, harmony and love was created in this. Everyone gave great importance to Iftar after fasting for the whole day, including religious observances.

According to Zafar Imam, now many meals are organized in the name of Iftar. During the fasting period, the atmosphere of Iftar is held by various organizations. The tendency to come to the discussion has also increased.

Iftar market starts after noon. But the crowd started to increase after Asr prayer. Potato and egg chops, pakoras, banana mocha chops, vegetable chops, phuloori, haleem, chana masala, ghol, matha, phirni, pitha, shahi jilapi and many more are sold in these iftar markets. Elite Iftar shops in the city are selling a variety of food including Yoghurt, Crispy Chicken, Chicken Lolly, Chicken Grill, Chicken Fry, Chicken Tikka, Chicken Roast, Beef and Khasir Kebab, Chicken Keema Kebab. Khulna's specialty in sweets is Phirni, pies, various types of Jilapi and Patisapta pitha. But the most popular items are haleem and reshmi jilapi. Once these two items were sold in few shops but now they are sold in almost all shops.


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