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Razia succumbed to poverty

by endroar

Razia's baby was born around 10:30 pm. His brother Fazlul Haque was sitting in the dawa of the mud house. Razia called her brother inside. Fazlul said with a smile, 'Razia, the boy's face cutting is so beautiful, the nose will not be pulled. The hand and foot serum is beautiful. Tall tall.' Suddenly Razia says, she can't breathe. That's when Razia's family called 999 and called an ambulance.

Then? The distance from Mautla Union to Kaliganj Upazila is 12 km. From Kaliganj, Razia was no longer talking, and stopped moving. But their destination is further away. Satkhira Medical College Hospital. When they reached the Medical College Hospital, the doctors told them that Razia had died on the way. Fazlu returned home with Razia's body. Stopped in front of their house. How many times in front of this house after playing for the national team, the car stopped! When Razia got down after opening the car door, there was so much excitement all around.

What's going on in my head then! It seems our Razia is John Millington Synge's Irish Tragedy Riders to the Sea–er Bartley, younger son of Moriah. The eldest son, Michael, went into the sea, his shirt and socks washed ashore. It has been 9 days, but the fury of the raging sea has not subsided. On the other hand, there is no food at home. Either the whole family must starve to death, or Bartley must go fishing in the stormy sea. Mom keeps pulling Bartley, but…where will the food come from? Desperate, Bartley left the room and never returned. Our Razia entered the field even though she was three months pregnant. Eight thousand rupees a month if you play, otherwise your hands are empty. What will you eat yourself, the child in the womb, mother and brother?


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