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Rana Nag: Born hearing my cry that…

by endroar
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Rana was suffering from various physical complications for a long time. There was no way out of all those self-inflicted complications. While in the ICU for the last few days, there was a glimmer of hope, and there was fear again. A lot of faith arose during this wavering period, and he will return. He was running away from me for the past few years. I never met him. I stood in front of the ICU crying and prayed to myself, give back my life to him for some time. I had something to say to him. That prayer was not accepted.

Rana wrote:
'Birth did not give me life
Death will not take my life
My life in birth and death
Never dependent or helpless….'

Maybe that's true. That truth is revealed by the untimely departure of the runner. He finally met in the infinite part of the universe. What's surprising, the laptop that I'm typing this text with my finger on the keyboard, it's also given to him!

Hearing my cry, you were born, the sound of lonely crying was locked in your lap silently. A few days ago, I said goodbye to you – goodbye friend, goodbye brother of time, goodbye my brother…


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