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Ramadan in Indonesia

by endroar

'Padusan' festival is celebrated by bathing and swimming. Take a bath in the river and pond to purify the body and mind. Cleanliness is part of Iman in Islam. It is from this belief that Indonesians celebrate the festival. This festival is popular in many regions of Central and East Java. After taking a bath, they join in prayer. After the prayers, the food brought is arranged in banana leaves. Then everyone eat together.

Iftar is called Buka in Indonesia. Buka means to start. Popular foods at Iftar are Abham drink and dates. A sweet called kolak is also served with dates. For dinner they like to eat rice, vegetables, chicken and beef.

Apem is their daily food during holy Ramadan. You look like a cake. Apem is made with coconut and rice flour.

The festival called Newroz is celebrated in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. The word Newroz means sharing food with elderly family members. So before Ramadan, parents, grandparents, in-laws and other relatives are sent various food items. Generally, these food items include meat, coffee, milk, sugar, sweets and other products.


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