Home Business Rajshahi's Adani is like the 'yellow country' now.

Rajshahi's Adani is like the 'yellow country' now.

by endroar

Large establishments of turmeric business are established in Chaksinga Mahalla of Arani Municipal area. And the biggest businessman is Md. Siddiq Mollah. The name of his company is Arani Traders, where hundreds of workers work.

On the surface, 85 workers were seen working at Siddique Mollah's Adani Traders on the side of the Adani-Bagha road. Most of them are women. Their family runs on their income. Because, they are poor families, many of whom do not have husbands. Many have husbands but cannot work.

Hopefully, the luck of many women working in the factories of turmeric merchants has returned. For example, almost all the workers in the village of Choksinga have already built thatched houses. Arani Traders spoke with Shefali Begum (37). She said that her husband is physically challenged. Can't do any work. Three children. He works in a turmeric factory and earns a daily wage of 300 taka. That is the cost of the family.

The pioneer of turmeric business in Adani. Siddiq Mollah sits in his Adrani Traders Prothom-aloTalk to He said that they have been doing turmeric business for four generations. Earlier his paternal grandfather used to trade in turmeric, now his son is also doing this business.

At present, among the big yellow merchants of Adani are Noor Mohammad Molla, Quddus Molla, Jahangir Molla, Nuhu Munshi and Habi Molla.


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