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Home Business 'Rajkumar' in US-Canada 75

'Rajkumar' in US-Canada 75

by endroar
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The director of 'Rajkumar' Himel Ashraf, before that he made 'Priyatma' came into discussion. He said that 'Rajkumar' is being released in 25 states of the United States. The film will be released in several states of Canada. Director Himel Ashraf is also now a US citizen.

He said, 'As I myself am an expatriate of the United States, it is a great pleasure for me. We also shot this movie in USA. So I think diaspora Bengalis can relate to the film a lot more. We want to tell the audience that we have tried to portray New York and its surroundings in a beautiful way. After the release of the song “Rajkumar” it was seen by the audience. Diaspora Bengali audience will surely go to the theatre. Because, their familiar places will be seen on the big screen in their stories. Besides, they can show their families, relatives, friends and children the beauty of Bangladesh and Bangladesh. So I think the audience will just rush to the theaters and enjoy the film.'


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