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Home Business Railways call the inability to make the Eid trip safe as 'defeat to reality'

Railways call the inability to make the Eid trip safe as 'defeat to reality'

by endroar
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There was no additional pressure of passengers even on Monday morning at Kamalapur railway station in the capital. However, after the ready-made garment factories are closed, additional pressure starts in the afternoon. The railway authorities could not ensure the safe journey of the passengers by facing that pressure. Railways call it 'defeat to reality'.

Not finding space inside, the passengers on the northern train on Monday night took the risk and pressed on the roof. The picture was the same on Tuesday morning. Passengers of northbound Ekta Express and Rangpur Express were stuck on the roof. Along with men, there were also women and children on the roof. Almost the same picture was seen in trains leaving for other regions of the railways.

Nasreen Akhtar and Nasima Akhtar, two sisters from Parvatipur, Dinajpur, climbed on the roof of the North Bengal-bound Ekta Express train on Tuesday morning. They told Prothom Alo that they studied in Dhaka. Even though he bought a standing ticket, he was forced to go up to the roof without getting a place inside.

He worked as a worker in a factory in Dhaka. Hussain. He climbed the roof to go to Thakurgaon. He also said that he bought a standing ticket and could not enter.


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