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Putin's 'Islamic' strategy to hit the terrorist attack in Moscow?

by endroar

But Bashar al-Assad did not agree with it. Because he is an old friend of Putin. If he allows Europe to install pipelines and start bringing oil from the Middle East and gas from Qatar to Europe through that line, the Russian market in Europe will be destroyed.

Since Bashar al-Assad would not agree to Western proposals, the US and its Western allies were supporting the opposition to oust Assad. Many people think that at that time ISA was also supported by the West in the fight against Bashar.

Putin realized that if the West could throw out Bashar, Europe would no longer have to look to Russian oil and gas for fuel. They can bring that fuel from the Middle East by putting a pipeline through Syria. This is why Putin has given his maximum support to Bashar al-Assad.

gave weapons gave money With those weapons and money, Bashar has suppressed Western-backed rebels and the IS group.

Now the West has imposed sanctions on Russia over the Ukraine war. As a result, Putin has increased closeness with Arab countries including Saudi Arabia.

Due to these reasons, many think that the closer Russia gets to the Muslim world, the more difficult it will be for Europe to save Ukraine. As a result, this attack may have been organized to poison the relationship between Russia and the Muslim world.


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