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PRI for tax on expatriate income, salaries and allowances

by endroar

Chairman Zaidi Sattar and director Abdur Razzak also spoke at the press conference. PRI Director Bajlul Haque Khandkar presented the keynote.

The PRI said that increased revenue collection would also lead to increased government spending, which would accelerate poverty alleviation. This will reduce poverty by an additional 9.9 percent per year, but the PRI has suggested additional revenue collection reforms. The company also talked about automation. Apart from this, PRI has agreed to keep the VAT rate at 15 percent as per the basic philosophy of Value Added Tax Act.

PRI Executive Director Ahsan H Mansoor said that the new government has come. Now is the time to reform the revenue sector. Now is the time to put a bell around the cat's neck. What are those signs? The budget is coming up, this budget should reflect the reforms.

Zaidi Sattar said Bangladesh has a culture of high customs duty. High tariff rates are hampering investment.

Bajlul Haque Khandkar said that the middle class is growing in Bangladesh. So it is possible to easily increase the tax net. There are people outside the city who can afford to pay taxes.


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