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Home Business 'Political extortion' in the name of electoral bonds in India

'Political extortion' in the name of electoral bonds in India

by endroar
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Since the BJP has launched the bond and has benefited the most from these bonds, it is natural to question the 'health' of the world's largest democracy after this disclosure. Doubts have also arisen over the transparency of the voting process in the elections due to begin next April (in which Modi is widely expected to become prime minister for a third term).

As the election heats up over the past few weeks, the Modi government has accused several opposition leaders of corruption. They were arrested. In addition, several bank accounts of the largest opposition party, the Congress Party, which has large deposits of cash, have been seized.

After the latest election bond data emerged, Modi's critics say the data shows the ruling party has an unfair advantage in the fundraising race.

Aam Aadmi Party leader and Delhi government minister Atishi, who is the ruling Aam Aadmi Party leader in Delhi and Punjab states, termed the donation to the political party's campaign fund as a 'mint protection' for businessmen. Atishi says, 'Bollywood films in the eighties used to see Bomber dons sending street hawkers to traders, saying, “Give money, nobody can scratch you.” “' He feels that the Modi government has also gone into the role of the don.


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