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Policy is limited to policy.

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The policy states that for the convenience of the people, a warning notice should be given at least three days before the commencement of excavation. Mikeing and pamphlets should be distributed in the area. It will mention the name, mobile number and contact address of the concerned official of the mining company. Signage should be put up with purpose of work, date of commencement and completion of excavation.

Talked to 10 residents of the area where road work is going on. All of them said that they do not have the opportunity to know which government agency conducts excavations. Organizations do not give any notice or notification. Excavation area is also not fenced. Sometimes there is nothing to say about excavation but no one can be found.

Dhaka Wasa is one of the organizations that are currently digging in various roads of the capital. At least 14 areas of the organization's 'Dhaka Water Supply Network Development Project' are in progress. The localities include Shyampur, Jurain, Barabagh in Mirpur, Rupnagar, Maniknagar, Pallabi, Pirerbagh and Agargaon. Although the time and cost have increased several times, the progress of this project is 78 percent so far. The Rs 3,980 crore project was supposed to be completed in December 2021.

Director of the project. Waj Uddin told Prothom Alo that the contractors are repeatedly instructed to work in accordance with the policy. However, it is not possible to follow the policy in all cases. In many cases, the city corporation gives permission to dig half a road after six months or a year. But people insult Wasa.


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