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Phelubaksi Labanya Parimani Dhaka to Kolkata

by endroar

After the birth of her son Padma, popular actress Parimony of Dhakai cinema became irregular in acting. But now Pari is back on the big screen after her maternity break. Recently went to West Bengal and signed the first movie of his career in Tollywood. After that, discussions started in two Bengals about Pari's new movie 'Phelubaksi'.
When will the shooting of the movie start, and which actors and actresses will be there, the question started circulating among the fans. But slowly the media of Bangladesh and West Bengal started to tell the details of the movie. Even Pari himself is giving regular information about 'Felubaksi' on social media. The actress is constantly giving updates about the shooting of the movie. The heroine is spending time between Kolkata and Dhaka.


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