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Home Business Peru president's home raided for luxury watches

Peru president's home raided for luxury watches

by endroar
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In the middle of this month, a media called La Ensarrona published several photos of Dina Baluarte wearing a luxury watch at various official events. The pictures are from December 2022 onwards. He assumed the presidency that month. After the release of the picture, there was a lot of criticism about it. At that time, the government informed that the assets of President Dina Baluarte in the last two years will be reviewed.

After that the corruption investigation started against him. Today's operation was carried out in that continuity. Peru's Supreme Court allowed this operation.

During the operation, government officials were seen surrounding the presidential residence in the Cirquillo area of ‚Äč‚ÄčLima. It appears that the President was not at home at the time. Peruvian Prime Minister Gustavo Adriano called the operation 'unconstitutional'.


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