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Outside the house to eat

by endroar
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As banker and travel writer Fakhrul Abedin said, 'Earlier going out was a bustling affair, post-Covid it's much less so. Maybe many people are going to eat this time, but they are giving less pictures or check-ins on Facebook.'

Since the beginning of the month of Ramadan, Sahri preparations have been seen in many restaurants. On Facebook, the advertisement of special facilities and special benefits during the travel time of hotel-restaurants in different areas of the capital is very visible.

The restaurants of the traditional Old Dhaka area have long been popular tourist destinations in Dhaka. Al-Razzak restaurant in Banshal, Thattari Bazar and Star Hotel & Kebab in Kortkachari area still retain their popularity in Sahri food. Sahri is organized in all branches of Star spread in different areas of Dhaka. Farooq Ahmed, a businessman and avid photographer of Old Dhaka, said, 'Sahri is being organized in full swing in the restaurants of Old Dhaka's Nazira Bazar besides Star and Al-Razzak. The kebab shops here are also open all the time. Old Dhaka's Gharwa, Al Islam, Islamia, Bukhari, Cafe Yusuf, Lalbagh Royal, Hotel Jannat are always crowded during Sahri.


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