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Home Business Our 'money-grubbing' MP and India's 'poor' Finance Minister

Our 'money-grubbing' MP and India's 'poor' Finance Minister

by endroar
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Late Finance Minister Abul Mal Abdul Muhith said in the 9th Parliament, 'Government had to give a tax rebate of about Tk 1,100 crore due to the facility of buying duty-free cars to 315 MPs. Over two hundred MPs bought a Toyota, Landcruiser, Prado or station wagon. 18 Members of Parliament have bought Volkswagen Turez. The rest bought other models of cars; Most of the members got a tax rebate of Rs 2 to 4 crores. Several MPs owe over Rs 6 crore in tax concessions.'Prothom-alo12 February 2013)

With one or two exceptions, the elected members of the 10th and 11th parliaments also availed the benefit of duty-free car imports. Along with this we can compare the news of India's Union Finance and Corporate Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. He has expressed his inability to accept the nomination given to him by the BJP in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Explaining the reasons for not contesting the elections, Nirmala said that she did not have enough money to fight the elections. (Anandabazar newspaper29 March 2024)

When a member of parliament in Bangladesh hinted at buying a duty-free car to meet his election expenses after winning the polls, India's Union Finance Minister said he could not vote because he had no money. Indian public representatives do not enjoy duty-free vehicles. This is the difference between our representatives and the representatives of India.

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