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Home Business Other factors including March rains increase the risk of dengue

Other factors including March rains increase the risk of dengue

by endroar
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Public health and entomologists emphasized on the two city corporations' own survey system to reduce dengue outbreak. But still two cities have not developed such capacity. The two cities rely on three annual surveys by the Health Department's Disease Control Branch to determine where and how the mosquito population is concentrated. These three surveys are pre-monsoon, monsoon and post-monsoon.

Entomologist Tauhid Uddin Ahmed thinks that the rain that has fallen in the capital in the last few days has urgently required a survey of the mosquito situation in these two cities. He was saying, 'Now if it was understood how much mosquitoes have increased, then the two city corporations could have taken necessary measures quickly. But they don't have that ability. So when the situation gets too out of control, they start acting.'

Dhaka South City Chief Health Officer Fazle Shamsul Kabir said that there was no survey in South City after the rain this time, they don't have that capacity either.

However, this time under its own management, North City Corporation started collecting larvae in four areas immediately after the rains, said Brigadier General Imrul Kayes Chowdhury, Chief Health Officer of the City. He said, four days later, Aedes larvae were found in Mirpur area last Thursday. That means there is a spread of AIDS.

Public health expert Mushtaq Hossain believes that the dengue outbreak increased due to excess rain last year. He said, 'this March rain has become a “death blow” in the case of dengue. Because, at this time, the mosquito control activities of all concerned, including the City Corporation, have decreased a lot. At this time, the danger of the growth of Aedes is enough.


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