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Home Business One year after the fire, how are the traders of Bangabazar?

One year after the fire, how are the traders of Bangabazar?

by endroar
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Niamat Hossain's words were heard in the voice of Akkas Ali, the proprietor of Border Fashion, a businessman on the ground floor of Bangabazar Anesco Tower. Akkas Ali told Prothom Alo, 'You can see that there are no buyers in the market. Most traders are having a very lazy time. A sale of 20 to 30 thousand rupees cannot be considered good where lakhs of rupees are supposed to be sold in a day. But last time I could not do business after the fire. Compared to that, I have to say that I am better now.'

According to the report of the investigation committee formed by the Dhaka South City Corporation, there were 2 thousand 961 shops in the four units (Bangbazar, Gulistan, Mahanagar and Adarsh) of the Bangbazar complex that were destroyed in the fire. Apart from this, 791 shops in Mahanagar Shopping Complex, 59 shops in Banga Islamia Market and 34 shops in Banga Homeo Complex were burnt. In all, 3 thousand 845 shops have been damaged.

According to the South City report, the amount of damage in Bangabazar was Tk 303 crore. Out of this, the loss of goods has been more than 288 crore rupees. And the infrastructure damage in the markets is Tk 14 crore 70 lakhs. Apart from this, it is mentioned in the report that it is difficult to determine the financial scale of loss and joblessness, including the human and emotional distress of the shop owners-employees.


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