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One in four creators on YouTube earns from shorts

by endroar

Kiberly Taylor, spokesperson for YouTube Shorts, said that various data analysis shows that shorts are becoming popular on YouTube day by day. The rate of publication of shorts on YouTube increased by 50 percent during the year. Apart from this, more than 200 million short videos published every month are viewed an average of 7000 million times per day. After the introduction of shorts videos in 2020, various works were also done to make the facility attractive.

It is being said that even though the popularity of YouTube shorts has increased, it has not yet reached the level of appeal of TikTok's short videos. However, due to the recent ban on TikTok in the United States, YouTube shorts may get additional benefits. However, such a decision has not yet been finalized. At the same time, Mr. Beast, Markipiller, a famous producer for making large-scale videos on YouTube, has started publishing short videos. This is also a positive aspect for shorts becoming more popular.


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