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Old Dhaka's 'Sugar Piece Mosque'

by endroar
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This mosque was famous as the 'Ornament of Dhaka'. Wonderful craftsmanship throughout the mosque. Three domes on the roof. From the top of the dome to the inner and outer walls of the minaret, everything is made of chinitikri (pieces of porcelain). For this reason, many people say 'sugar cube mosque'.

The ancient mosque is commonly known as 'Kasaituli Jame Masjid' or 'Kaswabtuli Jame Masjid'.

Kasaituli Mosque is located on the three head of 26/27 KP Ghosh Red in Banshal area of ​​Old Dhaka. Kasaituli was once home to meat sellers. Name of the area based on that source. Kasaituli is the neighborhood on the north-west side of Nayabazar. A part of it is called Samsabad. From the Mughal period social activities were conducted in Kasaituli under the leadership of Mohalla Sardars. Sardars were respected persons of the society. Kamruddin Sardar was the most famous among them. During the British period, Kasaituli became known as one of the cultural centers of Dhaka.


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