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O householder, open the door, let it swing

by endroar

Dolpurnima or Dola Yatra is an important religious festival of Sanatan followers. Festival of colors Dol and Holi are religious as well as cultural and social festivals. Dol is a festival of brotherhood and love.

Dol festival is usually held in the month of Falgun-Chaitra. Pujas are also performed at various places on this occasion. Dolpurnima is considered very auspicious for Hinduism. In Bangladesh the festival is also known as 'Dolyatra', 'Dolpurnima'. On Dola Yatra and Dola Purnima, Sanatan religious people organize various religious events including puja, home yajna, distribution of prasad in various temples across the country including the capital Dhaka.

Dola Yatra is a Hindu Vaishnava festival. According to Vaishnava belief, on this day Lord Krishna played Abir with Radhika and her friends in Vrindavan. It is from that incident that the game of swing originated. Because of this, on the day of Dola Yatra, the believers of this belief painted the idols of Radha-Krishna and rode on the Nagarkirtan. At this time they enjoy playing with colors. Radha-Krishna used to celebrate the Dola festival by sprinkling flower pollen. With the evolution of time, color or 'Abir' has replaced the pollen.

Dol or Holi means the same but two different events. Dol and Holi never fall on the same day. Dola Yatra or Vasantotsab is a colorful Bengali festival. And Holi is the festival of non-Bengalis. Mainly in North, West and Central India and Nepal this festival is known as 'Holi'. Dola Yatra is considered by Bengalis to herald the arrival of spring. Rabindranath Tagore started the spring festival at Santiniketan. So many people look forward to this colorful festival.

Various mythological stories are associated with Holi. The festival has the fragrance of Prahlad's devotion, the story of Hiranyakashipu's slaying, and Radha-Krishna's rasalila. Is that all? Many consider this festival to be a witness of Kamdev's penance.

Let us summarize the mythological stories associated with Holi.

According to mythology, Holi is derived from 'Holika Dahan', which symbolizes the victory of truth and religion over untruth and unrighteousness. Related to this is the story of Prahlad born in the school of demons. Prahlad was a unique devotee of Narayana, despite being a son of a demon. But his father Hiranyakashipu was angry with the son's piety. For this reason, he did not hesitate to give Prahlad various kinds of trouble.

In the end, Hiranyakashipu conspired with his sister Holika to burn Prahlad to death. Holika sat on burning wood with Prahlada on her lap wearing a cloth she had received as a boon after severe austerities. No fire can burn him if he wears this sheet. While chanting the name of Vishnu, Prahlad sat on PC's lap. By the grace of Narayana, the sheet flew to cover Prahlada's body and Holika was burnt in the fire. Since then, the tradition of burning Holika started to be celebrated. It symbolizes the victory of truth.


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