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by endroar
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Sister Santhana came out from behind her. This Nen, I have brought your Nupur. I know how much I tried to get his address and convince him by emailing and calling. Thank you to me.

who came

Madam Nupur. your good

Pavel's father, I am Pavel's mother.

Pavel's mother? Nupur did not come?

I am Nupur.

I do not know Nupur! Hazari laughs with blisters! This is Nupur. Hazari took the wallet placed near the pillow. With shaky hands, Shirna took out a passport-sized faded color photo from his wallet. A 40-year-old woman. This is Nupur…

The old woman does not speak. His lips trembled. His eyelids are fixed. Two drops of water flowed. Then four drops. Then torrential rain.

Sister Santhana went away from that room. In that room there is an old man and another old woman.

Hazari said, why are you crying? Well, can you inform Nupur? Say, Hazari wants to see him for once. Just one time…

Well, I'll tell you. Praveena says. Then he could not find words.

Chaitra wind outside. A whirlwind from Shalban in Gazipur came and hit the premises of the old people's residence. A lady bird calls out, just then…Hazari pulls out a nupur from the table drawer. Holding it in his hand and playing it, he said, what a beautiful sound, no!


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