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Not only canal rescue but regular monitoring is needed

by endroar

There is a large reservoir at Kalyanpur in North City, which is also in poor condition. Rain water from various areas of Mohammadpur, Shyamoli, Agargaon and Mirpur goes to the reservoir through Ramchandrapur and Kalyanpur main canals. The entire reservoir is now covered with silt.

In such a situation of the reservoir and eight canals, urban planners are afraid of waterlogging in different areas of Dhaka North City in the next monsoon. It is not forgotten how the whole city of Dhaka was submerged in continuous rain for several hours last year and left the city dwellers in terrible suffering for a long time.

But in the last few years, 61 crore rupees were spent on the renovation of all the canals and reservoirs of North City. But the benefit of the city dwellers? According to Mayor Atiq, the responsibility of protecting the canal is not only of the City Corporation; The city dwellers must also take that responsibility.


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