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News peddler Idris is unable to start dialysis due to lack of money

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Idris Ali (43) is a newspaper hawker by profession. Every day for 27 years, Kakdaka has been carrying newspapers on his bicycle and delivering them to the readers. Sometimes he also informs the reader about the special reports of the newspaper of that day. That Idris was bedridden for two months due to kidney disease. On the one hand, he is not able to conduct treatment due to the closure of his income, and on the other hand, he is in a difficult situation to run his family.
Idris's house is in Harhariya village of Daulatpur union of Fulbari upazila of Dinajpur. Semi-paved house on ancestral 5th century land. Family of four with wife and two daughters. Eldest daughter Erin Akhter (17) has given her secondary examination. Erin is speech impaired. Younger daughter Yasmin (10) is a fifth class student. He is physically challenged. Idris has been responsible for running the family since he got sick. Already sold the three cows with calves at home and spent the money on medical treatment.
Idris Ali said that his body suddenly started swelling in July last year. Along with that, the blood pressure increases. Couldn't recognize anyone. Later he was treated at the local health complex. At that time came to know that he has a kidney problem. He was healthy for a few days after taking medicine as advised by the doctor. He fell ill again last February 8. Relatives took him to Rangpur Medical College Hospital. After the examination, Sushant Kumar Barman, kidney specialist of Rangpur Medical College Hospital, said that Idris has a problem in both kidneys. He advised to start dialysis soon. But Idris could not start dialysis yet.
Idris said a surgery had to be done before starting dialysis. It will cost 20-25 thousand rupees. Dialysis could not be started as this money could not be collected yet.
Rabia Begum, Idris's wife, said that a local gave some financial support a few days ago after the money from the sale of cows ran out, “All three cows are giving milk.” I am selling three and a half kilos of milk every day. When milking is over, whoever bought the cows will take them away. I don't know what to do with the two girls, where to go. The man is sick like this in front of his eyes.'
Newspaper hawker Idris Ali appealed to the wealthy in the society for financial assistance for his treatment. Financial assistance can be sent to Idris Ali's mobile phone. Development number-01737681954.


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