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Home Business Newcomer Faye is set to become Senegal's youngest president

Newcomer Faye is set to become Senegal's youngest president

by endroar
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Faye grew up in the remote Ndiaganyao region of Senegal. He said that every Sunday of the week he goes there to work in the field. His love and respect for village life set him apart from others.

Faye has not previously been associated with any minister or state legislature, analyst Alyun Tinay said. Critics may question his experience. But from Fay's point of view, everyone who has run the country since 1960 has failed.

Faye's programs include fighting poverty, injustice and corruption. While working in the Department of Revenue, he and Sonko co-created a union task force to combat corruption. Sonko also worked in the Income Tax Department. Both worked as Income Tax Inspectors.

Faye said that gas, oil, fisheries and defense contracts must be done properly for the benefit of the people of Senegal. He also talked about introducing its own Senegalese currency in the country instead of the franc.


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