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Home Business New Curriculum: Assessment includes written tests, but question and answer format will be different

New Curriculum: Assessment includes written tests, but question and answer format will be different

by endroar
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As per the draft assessment framework of NCTB, subject wise questions will be prepared considering the time allotted and the ability of the student. The selected and trained subject-wise question paper makers and moderators (moderators) of the Education Board will prepare the question papers with necessary instructions, check lists. This checklist will have two parts. Observation chart, which the invigilator (teacher in charge at the examination center) will fill in a section by observing the student's performance (presentation, demonstration etc.) at the center. Another part will be filled by the examiner through written assessment.

The examiner will input the Proficiency Index (PI) in the craft app (the assessment result data is stored in this app) considering the information obtained in a student's observation chart and written answer evaluation chart. It does not have the system of giving marks as now.

According to NCTB, at the beginning of each examination, the in-charge teacher will clearly inform the students what skills will be assessed. The examination center will have the necessary materials for making papers, tests, models, designs, graphs etc. according to the variation of the subject. The center will be decided by the education board. However, the center will not be in the students' own institution. As now the center will be in another institution. In fact, the administration of the examination will be done by the education boards as it is now.

Meanwhile, a 'resource pool' will be formed in advance to conduct the evaluation process of the public examination. They will be prepared through a workshop next May.
NCTB said flexibility and alternative methods will also be kept in the strategy of assessment or examination process considering the diversity, needs and abilities of the students.


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