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Netanyahu Israel's savior or destroyer?

by endroar
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Netanyahu doesn't just think of himself as the Winston Churchill of the Middle East. He thinks he is the representative of the West in the Middle East. After this war began we hear him say, 'We are the children of light, and they are of darkness.' It's not just that he says it verbally. This is his belief. That is why he continues the endless conflict with Gaza.

However, despite declaring himself as the self-proclaimed representative of the West, many of the Western leaders do not like him. His relationship with authoritarians is sweet.
For example, a poster used in the election campaign in 2019 shows him shaking hands with Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. The poster's caption—'Netanyahu: What makes him unique'.

According to many, one of Netanyahu's two main achievements was making Israel the country with the highest investment in startups, and the other was establishing ties with the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco. He has 'changed the direction' of the Israel-Palestine conflict, a Likud lawmaker told The New York Times Magazine. Because, he managed to normalize the relations with the Arab countries of the Middle East by avoiding the Palestinian issue.

But this agreement known as 'Abraham Accords' is actually an arms deal. By signing the agreement, these countries have received surveillance technology like Pegasus. Netanyahu capitalizes on technology to become close to dictatorships. However, establishing relations with Saudi Arabia will not be easy. Palestine must be exempted for this. Again, Netanyahu's staunch allies do not agree to this concession.

Netanyahu's Israel has been supported by the United States in every conflict. But none of the presidents of the United States, except one Trump, are exactly his friends. Citing Aaron David Miller's book 'The Much to Promised Land', The New York Times Magazine wrote, Bill Clinton was on fire after his first meeting with Netanyahu in 1996. He said to his associates, 'What does he think of himself? Who is the superpower?'


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