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Nazmul thinks the solution lies in first-class cricket

by endroar
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Bangladesh batted four innings in this two-match Test series against Sri Lanka. Among these, Bangladesh's collection in the fourth innings of the Chittagong Test has crossed two hundred. Bangladesh were all out for 188 and 182 in the Sylhet Test. At the rate of 328 runs, that bad batting has to be paid. The situation has not changed in Chittagong.

With Sri Lanka's mountain of 531 runs on their head, Bangladesh managed to collect only 178 in the first innings. Without making Bangladesh follow on, Sri Lanka announced the innings by going into bat again and scoring 157/7 runs. After chasing an 'impossible' target of 511 runs to win, Bangladesh did not bat the way they were supposed to. What is the reason for this? Nazmul was asked this question at the award ceremony.


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