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Nazmul talks with Tamim in the dressing room

by endroar
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In Abahani's dressing room, there was a celebration of winning the match. The joy of defeating Prime Bank by 58 runs is in the eyes of Nazmul-Taskin. Prime Bank captain Tamim Iqbal came to Abahani's dressing room just then. Mirpur sat with Abahani captain Nazmul Hossain in the viewing area of ​​Sherebangla Stadium and spoke. However, seeing the crowd of journalists there, they took the discussion inside the dressing room

Such a scenario is not new in club cricket. However, Abahani's captain Nazmul is also the captain of the Bangladesh national team. Tamim's separate meeting with him is therefore curious. Nazmul, however, did not want to say anything about the discussion with Tamim.


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