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MV Abdullah was released for how much ransom

by endroar
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Bandits hijacked the ship from the Indian Ocean on March 12. After 9 days of the robbery, the bandits demanded a ransom from the first owner. Then the bargaining started. The ransom was paid before Saturday evening after the bargain was finalised.

After being released, the ship left for Al Harmia port in the United Arab Emirates. MV Abdullah was escorted by two EU warships.

When asked, Chief Executive Officer of KSRM Group, Mehrul Karim, told reporters at KSRM office in Agrabad on Sunday afternoon, “All procedures for the settlement of the ship have been done legally according to the laws of Kenya, United Kingdom, United States and Somalia.” According to the terms of the settlement, we will not be able to disclose many things.

However, although the owner did not say anything about how many dollars were in the three bags, various information was obtained from multiple sources. Somalia's local media has published news about the matter. It has been claimed in these media that the pirates of Somalia released the ship after receiving a ransom of 5 million or 5 million dollars.


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