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Muminul said the truth

by endroar
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While the veterans are averse to long-range cricket, the dedication of the youngsters makes Muminul optimistic, 'Those who are there now are all dedicated to Test cricket. To be honest, it feels like a lot when the results don't come. But the young team that we have now, they are very interested in playing Tests, very dedicated. Those who are there, all play regularly in the national league.'

Speaking about Zakir Hasan, Mahmudul Hasan and Shahadat Hossain, who made their Test debut in the last two years, the former Test captain said, 'One thing is good about them, they are very dedicated. They are very hungry. Joy and Deepu are U-19 World Cup winning players. Being a champion team player is not so easy. I always see that dedication in them. Even after they get set and get out or if they get out by 50 runs, if you look in the dressing room, you can understand whether he is hungry or not. These things are in them. There is no problem in their submission. The more Tests they play, the more experienced they will be, the more opportunities they will have to play well.'


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