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More than half of babies are born by surgery

by endroar

Sudden birth surgery did not increase. Since about a decade and a half ago, public health and maternal health experts have been alarming that the risk of unnecessary surgeries is increasing in the country. But the health department has not taken any effective or visible measures to reduce this trend.

Since 2000, it can be seen that child birth surgery is increasing in the country. In the 2009 Demographic and Health Survey, surgical births were 9 percent. In 2011, it jumped to 18 percent. More than 15 percent of these surgeries are seen for the first time. Then in 2014 and 2017-18 survey this rate was 24 and 34 percent respectively. In the latest 2022 network survey, it is 45 percent. And yesterday the government said that more than 50 percent of babies are born by surgery.

It is not possible to say where this rate will stop. However, Professor Roshan Ara Begum said that awareness should be raised equally among the general public and the medical community. If social movements are not developed, this evil trend cannot be avoided.


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