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More than 10 lakh students have decreased in secondary education

by endroar

All educational institutions of the country were declared closed from March 17, 2020 due to Corona infection. After a long 18 months, educational institutions were opened when the situation of Corona improved a little. Because of this, there is a big impact on education.

According to BanBays data, more than two and a half lakh students have increased in government-run madrasas (Dakhil and Alim-style madrasas) in a span of four years. At present there are more than 27 lakh 58 thousand students in madrasahs. About 54 percent of them are female students.

Government is giving importance to technical education. As a result, the number of technical educational institutions is increasing day by day. At present, the total number of students in 5 thousand 395 (out of which 588 are government) technical educational institutions is about 750,000. Four years ago it was like 7 lakhs. At that time there were 2 thousand 309 technical institutions. Although the number of students in primary, secondary and higher secondary is equal, the percentage of female students in technical is still very low. About 29 percent of the technical students are female students.

According to the BanBays draft report, more than 28,000 students are currently studying in 123 English medium schools; Which was more than 26 thousand four years ago.


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