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Moon phase is coming

by endroar
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The new time structure will help keep track of the transfer of data between spacecraft. Earth and Moon will cooperate as communications. Since there is no standard time, time inconsistencies with Earth can cause errors in position or orbital timing on the Moon. When we go to a new city, we are in danger if the clock time does not match the local time. Such outages can be seen due to lack of moon phase.

UTC or GMT is the internationally accepted universal time zone for clocks and time zones in different parts of the world. Chad's LTC time frame may require placing a nuclear clock on the Moon. International agreements on how to implement the LTC have been suggested. 36 countries are involved in the Artemis program. China and Russia, America's two main rivals in space exploration, have not signed the Artemis Treaty. Astronomers believe that a standard time is necessary for the moon.

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) of the United Nations defines the UTC time standard as the international standard. Since the International Space Station is in low Earth orbit, UTC time is used there. Earth's time sometimes speeds up and sometimes slows down, requiring leap seconds. For these reasons a new time structure is required for the Moon as opposed to the Earth. If you land on the moon after 2026, you will have to match the wristwatch time.

Source: The Guardian


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