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Money laundering case against Ron and Rick Haque Sikdar

by endroar
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And in the charges brought against Rick Haque, the ACC said, between 2017 and 2021, he spent Tk 21.53 million abroad using credit cards. Later he returned to the country and paid this amount. Through this he smuggled abroad.

According to the statement of the case, ACC says that there is no opportunity to increase the spending limit of the credit card without the board meeting as per the conventional rules of the bank. However, the defendants illegally increased the credit card spending limits to provide illegal financial benefits to Ron Hawk. According to the Bangladesh Financial Intelligence Unit (BFIU), the ACC has found 20 bank accounts of Ron Haque and his interests in Thailand. As such money has been transferred from National Bank. As per banking rules, credit card dues are to be paid within the stipulated time every month. But Ron Hawk abused his power as director of the National Bank and did not pay the dues for more than a year. Instead, he continued spending through credit cards.


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