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Home Business 'Mom, we are free now, we will come back to you soon'

'Mom, we are free now, we will come back to you soon'

by endroar
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On Sunday around seven in the evening, Tarekul's mother said on the phone, 'The boy has been released after being held hostage for a month – when I heard this news from his son's mouth, my heart sank. The son has not yet come to me, but hearing the news of his release, my heart is filled with fear. The day my son comes back to me, I don't know what will happen to me happily. Allah has heard the desire of my heart.'

Hasina Begum said that after the son was released, he called his father's WhatsApp number and informed about his release. Tarekul told them that it would take eight days to reach Dubai from there. After that, according to the decision, they will return home from Dubai by air or on the same ship via Chittagong port.


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