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Home Business Mohammad Amir: Fixing, banning, return, retirement and return again

Mohammad Amir: Fixing, banning, return, retirement and return again

by endroar
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The beginning of the first chapter is known to all, with his foray into international cricket with a T20 against England at the Oval in 2009. The second episode, however, is more discussed and stirred than the first episode. Amir, who made a splash in international cricket at the age of 17, was involved in spot-fixing within a year, for which he went to jail and was banned for five years. Amir's return to Auckland against New Zealand in January 2016 therefore generated a lot of discussion. A spell marked by the 2017 Champions Trophy ended in December 2020, when he announced his retirement.

The way he blocked the way forward, many saw Aamir's career at a full stop at the age of 29. While announcing his retirement from international cricket, Amir pointed fingers at the then board and team coaching staff members. He said, 'mental torture' was the reason for leaving, 'quitting cricket, because I was mentally tortured. I don't think I can bear this. From 2010 to 2015, I endured a lot of torture. I got punished. PCB has invested a lot in me – I have been tortured for saying that.'


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