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Modi's 'Match Patano', India alliance calls to save democracy

by endroar

After Kejriwal's arrest, his wife Sunita has been quite active. He read out a message from Swami at the public meeting, where the jailed Chief Minister wished the success of the India Alliance and made 6 promises. He said that if the India alliance wins, 24-hour electricity everywhere in the country, free electricity for the poor, better schools for all, Mohalla Clinics and better hospitals for all, minimum support price for farmers as recommended by the Swaminathan Commission and Delhi will be given full state status. Before reading the message, Sunita asks the crowd whether Kejriwal should resign or not. The public verdict was negative. Sunita explained that she is ready to step into the shoes left by her husband.

Imprisoned Hemant Soren's wife Kalpana also said on her husband's behalf that Lord Ramchandra spoke eternally. India alliance will establish that policy. Jharkhand will not bow down. India will not bow down.

Mehbooba Mufti said, if you want to see the form of dictatorship, you have to come to Kashmir. What is law, what is law, what is democracy—we do not know. Jammu and Kashmir is the laboratory of BJP's tyranny and arbitrariness.


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