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Mobile Internet subscribers are starting to grow again

by endroar

Operators cited discontinuation of popular three-day packages, use of multiple SIMs, price inflation, economic instability and political situation as reasons for the decline in internet subscribers. Apart from this, they also said that there are fewer customers at the end of the year. But again the customers started to grow.

According to BTRC data, the number of mobile phone subscribers in the country is more than 19 crore 13 lakh 80 thousand. It should be noted that according to BTRC, a person is considered as an internet and mobile phone customer if he has used it once in the last 90 days.

On March 3, BTRC released the latest data on domestic production of mobile phones. It can be seen that the number of mobile phones produced in the country is decreasing. After the last 6 months, the production of mobile phones has dropped below 2 million. Producers say that due to economic conditions and the illegal market, the demand is low, hence the production is low.


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