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Mistakes that cannot be made in bedroom decoration

by endroar
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Huge bed and furniture

It's nice to think about rolling over and sleeping in a huge bed. Thinking that many people buy beds that are bigger than the size of the room. This cot does not have room for movement in the bedroom, it is uncomfortable to read. In this regard, Liz Goldberg, the founder of the American interior design company Caroline Leona, advises that very heavy and large furniture is not for the bedroom. But in most cases people do the opposite. Even when designing an ideal bedroom for yourself, this mistake makes the room look dark, cramped and small.

Briana Untener, founder of Briana Scott Interiors, another US-based interior design firm, says, 'The centerpiece of your bedroom is the bed. Everything else is incidental. So the position of the bed should be with the main wall of the room and it should be decorated layer by layer with beautiful bedding.'

After all is the bedroom

Before sleep, during sleep and after waking up – apart from these rest or personal moments, all in all, the bedroom is a very important part of personal life. But when it comes to decorating the house, the living room is the most beautifully decorated. Next comes the dining room and finally the bedroom. It has a negative impact on personal life.

Gina Sims, founder of another US-based company, Gina Sims Design, said, 'The bedroom can affect the start and end of your day, so no concessions should be made on its decoration. From the beginning, try to arrange the room according to your mind. And since this is your personal space, make sure that its decoration reflects your personality.'

In this regard, Untener said, 'You can put a strange chair or a slightly different piece of furniture to do something fun when decorating the house. The main goal is to create a place where you will enjoy spending time.'


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