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Mili surprised again

by endroar

Actress Millie Bobby Brown can be called Netflix's 'girl of the house'. Starring in the popular series 'Stranger Things', he gained worldwide fame overnight. Then he did 'Enola Homes' for the same platform. His new movie 'Damsel' was released on Netflix on the occasion of Women's Day on March 8. The Juan Carlos Fresnadillo-directed film has topped the charts of English-language films on the platform since its release.
'Damsel' is a dark fantasy movie. The story of the film revolves around Princess Elodie. When a marriage proposal arrives from a neighboring kingdom, Elodie's parents agree. Because, Patrapaksha is rich. After the wedding, the groom throws Elodie in front of the cave. In the cave where the dragon wants to kill Elodie, can she save herself; This is the story.


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