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Metrorail will also run after 9pm from Wednesday

by endroar
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According to DMTCL sources, the metro rail has the capacity to carry five lakh passengers a day. In this case, the train should run every four minutes. There are also 24 sets of metrorails useful for this. Metrorail is planned to run at maximum capacity by next June. However, if the passenger numbers do not increase as expected, the authorities are somewhat hesitant about whether the metro rail can be run at maximum capacity or not.

At present, Metrorail runs from 7 am to 8.40 pm. Metrorail runs every 8 minutes during peak hours (7am to 11:30am and 2am to 8pm). And the metro rail runs every 12 minutes during off-peak hours from 11:00 to 2:30.

According to DMTCL sources, an average of 3.5 million passengers traveled daily for the 15 days prior to the start of the fast. But after the start of fasting, an average of 235,000 passengers are traveling a day. Officials in charge of Metrorail believe that passenger pressure will increase in the last half of the fast. Also, the increase in travel time will result in the number of passengers going back to the previous level or even more. And if the increase in passengers continues after Eid, initiatives may be taken to reduce the scheduled time of movement between the two trains in April.


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