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Home Business Mark Zuckerberg has overtaken Elon Musk as the third richest man

Mark Zuckerberg has overtaken Elon Musk as the third richest man

by endroar
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Elon Musk is not doing well this year. According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Musk's net worth has fallen by $48.4 billion this year, or $4,840 million. And at the same time, Zuckerberg's assets increased to 58.9 billion or 5 thousand 890 million dollars.

According to Bloomberg news, this is the first time since November 16, 2020 that Zuckerberg has risen to the third place in the list of the richest people. At that time, his net worth was 105.6 billion or 10 thousand 560 million dollars and Musk's property was 102.1 billion or 10 thousand 210 million dollars.

At the time of writing this report according to the Bloomberg index, Mark Zuckerberg's wealth was 187 billion or 18 thousand 7 billion dollars; At the same time Elon Musk's wealth was 181 billion or 18 thousand billion dollars.

Tesla is not having a good time this year. The company's share price has already fallen 34 percent.

Tesla's share price has fallen due to declining global demand for EVs, increased competition from Chinese companies and production problems in Germany. Tesla's position is the worst in the US stock index S&P 500 this time.

In contrast, Meta's share price rose 49 percent due to last quarter's revenue growth and various AI initiatives. This Facebook owner company is in the fifth best position in the S&P 500 index.


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