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Home Business 'Many viewers have been able to relate to Monogamy'

'Many viewers have been able to relate to Monogamy'

by endroar
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Prothom-alo :

Have you heard anything from the audience about this content as real as the story?

Many types of content are created. It is challenging to act in such content there. As the topic is taboo, viewers are still appreciating the content. But it is nothing out of reality. 'Why such a topic'—never heard anything from viewers or critics. I haven't seen anything bad about 'Manogami' yet. I have been tagged by many people, I did not find anything bad in them. It is true, the topic is very sensitive, Farooqui bhai has handled it well.

Prothom-alo :

So is it worthwhile to return with your acting?

I got many offers to act in plays and movies. I have always said 'no'. Music was important to me. Later when Faruqi Bhai offered me acting, I didn't think twice. He is a good director. He must have had a better plan. That's why joining the film. After the promotion, audience response increased interest in the act. If I get a good script, director, good team, I will act along with the song.

Jeffer Rahman. Photo: Facebook

Prothom-alo :

After getting the script for the web film, were there any thoughts on how the audience would take the story?

Not much thought. Because, I left everything in the hands of Farooqui Bhai. I am not an actress, I sing. Farooqui's brother's idea was to cast me there. After listening to the story I felt, there are many layers of characters. It's not a completely positive character, but I like the layers. I didn't think about what the audience would say. So there was attention.


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