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Many brave freedom fighters did not get a house

by endroar

Phulmati Begum Prothom-aloWho said, 'We have spent our whole lives in tin prints. The government is dreaming of living in concrete buildings. The house is half built and left for a year.'

Abdul Majid Sardar, a brave freedom fighter of Chatramuria village of Vedarganj upazila, lives in a broken tin house. he Prothom-aloK said, 'I am a sick person, I can die at any time. The house is not being constructed despite the government allotment. I urged the contractor. I have requested Mr. UNO. It doesn't work.'

A house has been allotted in the name of the brave freedom fighter Abdul Jalil of Chandni village in Naria. But its construction has not yet started.

Abdul Jalil, a brave freedom fighter Prothom-aloK said, 'Before constructing my house, the contractor Sirajul Islam alias Chunnu contacted me. Asking for financial support by talking about the increase in the price of construction materials. I did not agree to his proposal. He did not start the housework anymore.'


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