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Manogami sees who is saying what

by endroar
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'Manogami' was released in Charki on Chandrarat. Chanchal Chowdhury was the surprise of this web film directed by Farooqui. After a long time Farooqui and Chanchal announced to work together with this movie. After that, it is known that musician Zefar Rahman is acting opposite Chanchal in the movie. The performance of this musician, who is popular among the young generation, can be said with this movie. This web film released on Chandrarat has given viewers a different kind of pleasure. Some even said that after a long time they saw an amazing web film.

Charki announced a project called 'Ministry of Love' in a grand ceremony on August 3 last year. It is reported that 12 popular producers are making 12 original films in Charki with 12 love stories. The overall supervision of the entire project is under the supervision of Mustafa Saryar Faruqi. 'Manogami' is one of the 12 Charaki original films.

Director Mustafa Saryar Farooqui said, “One of my favorite things is to look into people's minds and see what is captured there.” Big and small, trivial and important—everything moves me. After a long time in “Manogami”, I got an opportunity to make such a splash about some aspects of male-female relationship.' According to the director, 'I was able to show some aspects of the life of a bachelor in the film 'Bachelor'. Here I get a chance to show some aspects of married life without any sweet coating.'


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