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Manna returned to the magic of technology

by endroar
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How Manna was brought back to the screen

Another late star Salman Shah was also in the director's mind, but in the end he chose Manna. According to director Shahriar Ghalib, he found Manna suitable as the series is action-oriented.

How did Manna get back on screen?- In response to the question, the director said, 'We chose an artiste who looks like Manna, her hair style is also like Manna. I acted with him. After that footage, Manna's face was installed through AI software.'

It took two days. AI technology is very expensive. The 10-second clip of Manna cost about 10 thousand rupees including shooting, editing.

The director said that he could not keep Manna on the screen for more than 10 seconds as he did not take the permission of Manna's family. According to Ghalib, 'a 10-second clip can be dedicated to a late star. We are not making any money from this clip.'


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