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Home Business Lyricist and music collector Khairul Alam passed away

Lyricist and music collector Khairul Alam passed away

by endroar
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Rashed Chowdhury said that when he was collecting various information for his movie, even though many things were written in the book, they had to struggle to know how the music would be. Later he met Khairul Alam.

Rashed Chowdhury also said, 'Because of him, it has become possible to make our movie. From the first meeting with him, I came to know that his collection contained the tunes of Pala songs written by “Chandravati” and Baromasi songs written by him, almost intact. We got the style of presentation of the songs from him. It is through his hands that we find many local artists including Khokon Bayati, Shankar. Those who have sung and acted in movies. This self-taught scholar is like a folk art museum in itself. Their successor was Khairul Bhai. Who always cherished the cultural heritage.'


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